Recreational Ski

The Rhinostar is our most popular  recreational ski. It is a ski for the beginner or even the advanced who just wants a change of pace and to enjoy the comfort and stability of this ski.

The Rhinostar has a nice flat bottom meaning that it is very stable and can be used by members of the family of all different ages. It is suitable for elderly paddlers as well as children. It is also stable enough to fish off or to go sightseeing around your local water way. It is very manoeuvrable meaning that you can take it out amongst the waves.

  • All Rhinostar skis come with full carbon fibre resin infused construction
  • Standard orders include up to 3 different colours or a clear carbon finish
  • More advanced and custom colour designs are available but will incur an additional charge
  • Cost of the Rhinostar is $2,000

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