For Elite Athletes

The GRX is our biggest seller and preferred choice of craft for most elite athletes. It comes standard with full carbon fibre construction and is resin infused.

The GRX was designed to be sleek and extremely fast in flat water conditions, yet be versatile enough to be able to handle large waves. Its hull design is proven to be fast yet it doesn’t come at the price of sacrificing stability. Our seats are designed to ensure you feel comfortable and locked into your ski, and our footwells are deliberately set as deep as they can go to ensure maximum stability as well as the feeling of being over your workload when paddling.

The GRX’s unique and original cut away nose is designed specifically for choppy downwind conditions. It’s nose allows for it to slice down deep swells and not lose speed by burying into the waves.

  • All GRX’s come with full carbon fibre construction at no extra cost
  • Standard orders include up to 3 different colours or a clear carbon finish
  • More advanced and custom colour designs are available but will incur an additional charge
  • All skis come with venturi cockpit drainage system
  • Cost of GRX is $3,300

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