GRX Double

Double Surf Ski

Our  double ski again leads the way in innovation and the most advanced construction method. Like all our surfcraft, the double ski comes as a full carbon fibre resin infused construction. It means that our ski is built to last the toughest of conditions.

Our double ski was designed by paddlers for paddlers with speed and performance in mind and for maximum comfort for both paddlers.

The front seat paddler sits in a ski the same width as a normal single ski allowing maximum comfort and efficiency. The rear paddler has the widest part of the ski deliberately behind them as to allow them to have the most possible narrow width infront for their paddle entry to allow for optimal performance.

What is unique and another innovation by Gibbons Surfcraft is our dual rudder system. We have done countless testing and have confirmed that by adding a front rudder it allows the turning circle to be much quicker than a single rudder. You can see some of our testing results of overhead drone footage filming 2 double skis turning. One is a standard single rudder and the other is our dual rudder system. You can see for yourself the advantage our front rudder makes especially when turning the cans and racing for home.

Our double skis have won many national titles and are extremely fast in the flat and choppy conditions. All double skis come with our new adjustable rail system meaning that the leg lengths can be change in seconds without any tools required. You can see an example of our double adjustable leg length system being used in our videos section.

  • All double skis come with full carbon fibre resin infused construction
  • All double skis come with adjustable rail system that requires no tools
  • Standard orders include up to 3 different colours or a clear carbon finish
  • More advanced and custom colour designs are available but will incur an additional charge
  • All skis come with venturi cockpit drainage system
  • The double ski costs $5,000  

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