Adjustable Ski

This ski is ideal for clubs where several paddlers of different heights can use the ski and adjust it to their desired length in seconds.

The GRX now comes with a brand new fully adjustable rail system. This adjustable system is very quick and easy to change and comes with a self adjusting cable system meaning that absolutely no tools are required to move the footbar. The footbar and cables can be moved and adjusted to another paddlers leg length with no tools in less than 30 seconds. Best of all is our system is very sturdy with no flex or movement like a lot of other systems have.

You can see a demonstration of how our adjustable system works in our videos section.

  • The GRX adjustable comes with full carbon fibre resin infused construction
  • Standard orders include up to 3 different colours or a clear carbon finish
  • More advanced and custom colour designs are available but will incur an additional charge
  • All skis come with venturi cockpit drainage system
  • Cost of GRX adjustable is $3,300

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