About Gibbons Surfcraft

Gibbons Surfcraft has had a strong history of innovation and leading the way in competitive surf ski design. Gibbons Surfcraft was the very first company to break away from the trend of having large nose deflectors. Our design saw the other companies follow our lead and do away with large nose deflectors. Our ski design was revolutionary at the time and saw the whole shape of surf skis change. Our GR3 model was the first ski to be sleek like a racing kayak yet still able to handle all surf conditions.

We were then the first manufacturer to come up with adding venturies to the hulls of our skis to drain excess water that would normally be sitting in the cockpit and adding unwanted weight whilst training and competing. Again this has seen just about every other manufacturer follow our idea.

Our current GRX model was the very first and original design to come out with the distinctive cut away nose. No other company again had come up with such a revolutionary design change. Our design was so successful, it has seen several other manufacturers copy our design and try to claim responsibility for our innovation.

Once again Gibbons Surfcraft is leading the way in innovation and technology. We have 3D scanned and printed out our GRX model and our double ski to get the best possible finish and even lines on all our skis. We have also adopted the latest and most innovative resin infusion technology which sees the resin vacuum infused through the fibreglass material to ensure that the finished product has the greatest possible strength property with the minimal amount of weight. We combine that with also using only the best possible materials.

We know our ski is the fastest all round ski on the market. It is incredibly fast in flat and choppy conditions, and it can also handle the wildest of surf conditions and big waves.

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